Our Team - Meet the Haltwhistle Carnival Team

Haltwhistle Carnival Committee. The people who run the Carnival.


The Committe is made up from a group of people who give up their spare time and holidays to organise the event, planing normaly starts at the end of the year and monthly meetings are held right up to the Carnival date in July 




Michael Glenwright 


Telephone number - 01434 320266


Email - michaelglenwright49@gmail.com






Jim Wood


Telephone number - 07456979709







Ann Pattinson


Telephone number - 01434 321643


Email - annpattinson@hotmail.com






Joanne Taylor


Telephone number - 01434 322206


Email - e549taylor@btinternet.co




Vintage Section


Billy Treloar


Telephone number - 01434 321231 






Ayesha Banks




Sheila Beverly 




Frankie Beverley




David Herdman





Jenna Jackson



Catt Nixon



Barbara Pape


Jonathan Pape





Jamie Pattinson





Jake Sloan





Ann Storey


Liam Watters




Norma Wood


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